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Brown Lemur for sale

Brown Lemur for sale

Common brown lemurs have short, dense fur that is primarily brown or grey-brown in color. The face, muzzle and crown are dark grey or black with paler eyebrow patches, and the eyes are orange-red. Their tails are long and furry. Common brown lemurs have binocular vision. They have a scent gland that is located at their wrist. The animals use it to leave scent marks in order to communicate with each other.

What do brown lemurs eat?

Lemurs are a diverse group of primates endemic to Madagascar. There are around 100 species that range in size from the 30 gram mouse lemur to the largest species, the indri. As their populations are restricted to an island nation where much human encroachment and deforestation occurs, all lemur species are endangered, and 90% of lemur species are expected to become extinct within the next 20 years. In response to the seasons of their island home, lemurs exhibit different adaptations such as low metabolic rates to conserve energy for the dry season, seasonal breeding, hibernation and matriarchal societies. Lemurs also have variable morphology and diets.

  • All lemurs exhibit omnivory to some extent, however the smallest species tend to consume fruit and insects and the larger diurnal lemurs are mostly herbivorous.
  • Lemurs are able to synthesize their own vitamin C.
  • Lemurs have varying degrees of social behavior. Some live in sex-specific groups, ‘fission-fusion’ societies, or pairs. Nocturnal lemurs will forge for food alone but nest in groups.
  • Tool use has not yet been observed in lemurs in the wild, although they tend to manipulate objects with their mouth more often.

Housing pet lemurs

When it comes to keeping pet lemurs, private owners do things differently. Some owners can ‘get away’ with keeping lemurs in very large parrot cages, but this is not ideal and the animal will absolutely require plenty of out-of-cage time daily. This can be frustrating to the owner if the animal is not well-behaved indoors with poor ‘house manners’. Therefore, providing a very large enclosure starting around 8’x6’x8’or a designated room will benefit the owner and lemur.

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