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Exotic Pets For Sale. Exotic Pets Online is a trusted store in US and Canada. We have exotic pets for sale online.  We breed and re home exotic animals such as Fennec fox, Otters, Kinkajou, Brown Lemur, Marmoset Monkey, serval kittens , Flying Squirrel, ocelot kittens, savannah kitten , Spider Monkeys , Capuchin Monkeys , Bushbaby, Coatimundi, Squirrel monkeys & Raccoons.

What makes is stand out from others is the fact that our exotic animals live in our home with us.

Buy Exotic Animals near Canada and USA!

Mission Statement

Owning an exotic animal is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. You’ll see this phrase repeatedly throughout our website. This applies to Exotic Pets Online in two different ways. First is our responsibility as owners and breeders of these fantastic creatures. Our animals are precious to us, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of their lives, so we strive to give them the best homes we can.

Visitation and/or Pick up

At Exotic Pets Online, we realize that you may be making a sizable investment in our animals, and we encourage you to come to pick up your new baby whenever possible. We prefer this option as it allows us to meet you, and gives us the chance to help you in the initial introduction to your exotic baby and the responsibilities it will entail. You can visit with us and see our facility, and perhaps see your baby’s parents. However, we will not allow our babies to undertake long distance drive. If your location is far from us, we will use only specialized animal transport companies to deliver your new family addition.


We can ship to most anywhere in the US that Delta Airlines flies depending on the weather. Some smaller airports do not accept Cargo but you can usually find an airport within a reasonable distance. When possible we prefer to ship during the week when it’s not as busy. While we may be able to ship within a requested time-frame, please be ready to be flexible about arrival times.

Deposits & Payment

We accept deposits on some babies on waiting lists prior to birth. Deposits can also hold babies already born until they are ready to go to their new home. We require 50% of the purchase price of the baby that is a refundable deposit. Refunds will only be issued in the event that we cannot provide you with the baby requested within the time specified. Payment methods accepted are Zelle, Cash App and Walmart Transfer. Other methods can be considered on a case to case basis. Payment in full including shipping costs is required before an animal will be shipped.


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