Two females bush babies for sale


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We have female bush babies for sale in the USA at affordable prices on our site They are rare, and we have babies only a couple of times a year.

Two Females Bush Baby for sale

Two Females Bush Babies for sale

Bush Babies sometimes also known as Galagos, are small primates of Africa. They belong to a group called Prosimians, that word means “before apes”. Lemurs, Lorises, and Pottos are other species that also belong to this family. They are called Bush Babies because of the call they make, which sounds like a human baby’s cry. Bush Babies are nocturnal, active mostly at night, and use their sensitive hearing and large eyes to catch prey in the darkness of night. Each eye is as big as its brain. It has bigger eyes than any other mammal known today. They also move very quickly, leaping from branch to branch, unlike close relatives; the slow-to-move Lorises and Pottos slowly creep in search of even slower food. Bush Babies are small, about 1 foot long from head to tail. They have fluffy fur, small pointy faces with the largest mammal eyes in the world, and naked ears; a Teeny Beany designer’s dream come true. One species of the Bush Baby, the African Bush Baby, has such big eyes that it cannot move them in their sockets. Like an owl, it must turn its entire head to move its gaze.

Bush babies as a Pet

Bush Babies often dampen their hands and feet with urine to better grip the trees they are climbing. They also mark their territories this way. Their sense of smell is great due to their being nocturnal creatures, so scent signals are a large part of their usual communication techniques. “Urine washing” refers to the process of wetting their hands and feet with urine, rubbing them together, and leaving smelly foot and hand prints everywhere. They also have secretion glands in their chest, a signal they use to indicate overlapping home ranges.

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