Fennec Foxes for sale


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Got male Fennec Foxe available and ready. They are very friendly, Tamed and Dewormed. All USDA Licensed and can live in every city and state. They are perfect in health and have had their shots. Will come with papers.

Fennec Foxes for sale

Fennec Foxes for sale

Looking for information on fennec foxes as pets or where to find them for sale? You’re not alone. These Chihuahua-sized canids are becoming increasingly popular exotic animals that people seek to own and for good reason. They are often touted as one of the ‘easier’ exotic pets to maintain as a house pet, as they are seen as clean and can be kept in a relatively small enclosure. But not so fast; before considering adding this tiny fox to your household, be sure that you understand what you’re getting into.  Be realistic about what to expect from an animal that is a fox species, not a pet selectively bred by humans to be unusually docile and adaptable to typical pet-keeping practices.

Fennec Fox Caging

A good cage will ensure the comfort of your pet and will encourage a positive relationship between the two of you. With an animal that is so high energy, enough room to perform species-specific behaviors is a must. Fennec foxes are slightly more adaptable to domestic conditions than other uncommon exotic mammals, and you can ‘get away’ with somewhat small housing, such as a foldable, standard-sized cat cage.

The catch to a small cage is that the fox must have ample time to come out to play and burn off energy. This might be more difficult than it sounds to achieve daily. A reasonable recommendation for caging are two attached Ferret Nation cages or something similarly-sized, but bigger is of course better and will make caring for the fox easier.

Litter Box Training

Some owners report that their pet fennec foxes will use a litter box, but most say their use of these receptacles is sporadic at best, and the foxes will think nothing of depositing droppings during cage outings. Never expect exotic pets to be consistent with litter box use, if they use it at all, but some individuals are better than others. You can encourage foxes to go in one area with positive reinforcement, or just place a litter box where they tend to go most often. Luckily, being desert animals, fennec foxes have relatively dry droppings that are easy to clean, and less urine. They also lack the potent scent glands that are common in so many animals.

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